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Residential Services

Here at Harcor Cutting & Coring Inc. we can provide our customers with outstanding knowledge in our industry, willingness to find information on areas that we lack knowledge on and to pass all this on to our customers.

In the City of Saskatoon any alterations being done to a dwelling requires a permit, this link will take you to the city´s website on the permit process.

Some of our services we provide to our Residential customers are:

Basement suites

The City of Saskatoon has alot of information on thier website in regards to secondary suites. This link will take you to the city´s website for forms and brochures.

Basement windows

To install or upgrade a window to meet the City of Saskatoon and National Building Code of Canada the following is the current code; One window in each bedroom is required to have an unobstructed opening size of at least 0.35 sq m (3.8 sq ft). The minimum dimension of this window is 380 mm (15”). Does that mean an 18”x18” window meets these requirements? No. The area that you climb through must be at least 0.35 m (3.8 sq ft). If the actual opening size of the window was 450 mm x 450 mm (18”x18”), the area would only be 0.20 sq m (2.25 sq ft). We have teamed up with a local manufacture to provide us with windows that meet these requirements. Our standard frame size is 1000mm (40") wide by 525mm (21") high. The next size larger would be a frame size of 1200mm (48") wide by 525mm (21") high. These windows meet code by using a hopper opening style(Opens from the bottom inwards and up while being hinge from the top). We have the manufacture add an 8" jamb and brickmold to the face of the window, this helps with an easier installation process as well for esthetics. We do have the ability to do custom windows keeping in mind that the city allows us to cut an opening into the foundation up to 1200mm (48") without the need for engineering drawings, any thing larger then the 1200mm (48") wide opening just require having a residential structual engineer to provide drawings with thier seal on them.

Another requirement is if the bedroom window opens to a window well, the window well is to have a minimum of 760 mm (30”) clear space in front of it, when the window is open. The well must be wider than the window. If the dwelling has a weeping tile system around the footing of the foundation a drain from the bottom of the window well is to be tied into the weeping tile. If the bottom of the window well is less than 4 feet to the top of the foundation footing a sheet of 2" rigid insulation the width of the well and a projection from the house of at least 24" and on a slope would be required to protect the foundation footing from frost.

Below grade entryway